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Manufacturing either a steel detail or a structural metal construction’s framing is our major area of expertise

Steel Detailing

Shop detailing is a crucial part in the steelworks manufacturing process. Either as a part of the process or a separate order, we…

Metal Shearing

We have both hydraulic and mechanical equipment for shearing, blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming of the steelwork required!

Steel Cladding

Almost any industrial-grade factory plant, a warehouse or other facility oftentimes requires some steel cladding to be done…

Environment friendl

Staff members

Million Man-hours

Awards won

Executive managers

Calvin Fitzgerald
Calvin Fitzgerald
Calvin is one of the co-founders. He manages all the processes at our firm.
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Taylor, just as Calvin, is a Wall Street operative, with a incredibly insightful skills and knowledge.
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner
Design Chief Officer
Josh is also one of our 3 co-founders. He manages all bookkeeping and fiscal matters.
Luis Maxwell
Luis Maxwell
Contractors Operations Head
Luis works the longest of all non-founding managers. He brought more SMB accounts in than anybody else.
Ken Ferguson
Ken Ferguson
Chief Financial Officer
While Ken works here only 10 years, his efficiency allowed us to name his a Senior manager by now...
Edward  Elliott
Edward Elliott
Vice President of Operations
What Edward does to company's, is what our clients call "fiscal magic". He is an accomplished pro.

South-Western Railroads’ management board was amazed with how easily and quickly this company did apply the anti-corrosion coating for almost 2500 miles of our railroad tracks! It was truly a tall (and long) order, which they had accomplished while under the clock!

Deborah Quagmire

This project was a large-scale one, as then-built tower was going to become one of the highest skyscrapers in the downtown Orlando, Florida… We’re glad that the structural steelwork was fabricated, detailed and erected by this company and their team of pros!

Benedict Arnold